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Pablo Allison- Light of the Beast: Expanded 2nd Edition - Book

Pablo Allison- Light of the Beast: Expanded 2nd Edition - Book

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BEYOND THE STREETS Publishing announces The Light of the Beast, an expanded 2023 version of the acclaimed book originally released in 2020 by multidisciplinary artist Pablo Allison – featuring extra graffiti-related content, with 100 new and never-before-seen additional images.

The Light of the Beast is the culmination of six years of work documenting migrants traveling from Central America, through Mexico and into the United States as a final destination. Since 2017, British/Mexican artist Pablo Allison has tried to understand life and its intricacies by documenting migration and its consequences. What started off as a series of illegal voyages on freight trains in Mexico, with no clear destination, resulted in photographing people escaping extreme violence and poverty.

Light of the Beast: Expanded 2nd Edition, 2023 - All books in our shop are signed by Pablo Allison.

Hardcover. Text: English, 20.98 x 29.7 cm, 300 pages, Edition of 750.

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